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Our History

2013:  KeyPointe Onsite opens first Onsite HealthCare Clinic in Columbus, Ohio with 5 more organizations in negotiations.

2012:  KeyPointe Medical LLC is founded by Dr. Lovett and becomes the umbrella company for KeyPointe Onsite, KeyPointe Weightloss and Wellnes, BariPharm and Public Safety Health and Wellness. KeyPointe Onsite Staff begin to negotiate with public and private organizations about developing personalized Onsite HealthCare Clinics.

2011:  Public Safety Staff begin to entertain and develop the idea of providing Onsite HealthCare Clinics to both private and public organizations to fight increasing healthcare costs for employers.

2010:  Public Safety Health and Wellness continues to expand through Ohio, Indiana and Northern Kentucky. More full-time staff is hired to support the expansion.

2007:  An additional mobile unit is purchased and new expansion offices open in Indianapolis, Indiana and Dayton, Columbus and Sharonville, Ohio allowing services to be rendered in a variety of locations to serve the need of many Departments in neighboring counties to the home office in Franklin, Ohio.

2006:  Public Safety hired additional staff to help move the company forward. This has included hiring time Program Director and a full-time Physicians Assistants. In addition, there are part-time staff members who continue to work and share their expertise.

2004:  A novel concept was born –take the services to the Departments. A 48-foot trailer was custom designed and built to provide medical services on-site. With the mobile unit came more requests for services. This changed how medicine was provided and over 95% of Fire Fighter medical exams provided by Public Safety Health and Wellness now occur on-site at the Fire Departments. On board the mobile unit is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including digital X-ray equipment, NIOSH and OSHA approved Hearing Booth, Pulmonary Function area, Exam Room, EKG equipment, DOT certified bathroom and Vision Machine, and a Stress Test Machine.

2003:  The two rooms expanded into eight rooms since additional requests from Fire, EMS and Police Departments.

2002:  Public Safety Health and Wellness was founded by Dr. Bill Lovett on the request of several small fire departments north of Cincinnati. The departments were requesting help with their injury management, through Workman’s Compensation and their entry and exit exams of their Fire Fighters. Before the doors opened for business in September 2002, in Blue Ash, Ohio, additional phone calls were received to help other local departments and manage annual physical exams for Ohio Task Force One. Within one year, it was obvious that the two room office was going to need to be expanded.