Onsite Healthcare Clinics

Onsite Health Clinics and Health Risk Assessments for Businesses and Organizations

We are currently in the midst of a healthcare crisis in which all organizations and industries are experiencing drastic rises in healthcare costs and premiums due to unhealthy and uneducated employee populations. Increases in employee BMI’s, chronic diseases and acute illnesses led to increased hospitalizations, additional prescriptions, absenteeism and a decrease in productivity. KeyPointe Medical Onsite is a subsidiary of KeyPointe Medical that has been working to promote employee health and wellness for over a decade now and is determine to put control of the rising healthcare costs back in the hands of the employer. KeyPointe Medical has been working with businesses and municipalities to provide health risk assessments, annual physicals, nutritional guidance, physical activity education, occupational health services as well as working to lower healthcare costs to ensure that the employer can spend the money on the most important company asset, the employees.

It is the goal of KeyPointe Medical Onsite to:

  • Identify the opportunities within your organization to save on healthcare costs. Not only can a KeyPointe Medical Onsite clinic save you“real” money spent on fee-for-services at hospitals, urgent cares and professional office visits, a clinic will empower the employer to negotiate lower premiums and insurance costs the following year with their insurance carrier.
  • Be able to implement and control costs for wellness initiatives based on health risk assessments and chronic disease management.
  • To create a necessary top level benefit for your employees that works to increase productivity, employee satisfaction and health of your organization as a whole.

We hope to develop a partnership and create a KeyPointe Medical Onsite health and wellness clinic in your organization. It is your clinic powered by KeyPointe Medical, LLC which is able to service all employees.