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Control the ever rising costs of healthcare and add a fully operational onsite healthcare clinic within your facility. Partner with KeyPointe Medical to construct the most practical and cost effective clinic within your facility/office complex to serve your employees and their families.

Your KeyPointe Medical Onsite Clinic

  • New studies show the most effective way to control employee healthcare is to be pro-active, educate and implement preventative medical practices. With health and wellness programs within your business, your employees are most likely to be more active, lose and control weight, and avoid accidents, therefore lowering your costs for employee loss of time off and high insurance claims. A clinic eliminates the fee-for-service that you encounter with emergency room, urgent care and professional visits as the medical staff is paid for the time they are at the clinic, not how many patients they see. In addition, lowered insurance claims and more prescriptions filled equates to the slowing of the rate of increase for your insurance premiums upon annual review.
  • Obesity and co-morbidities associated with it are the number one reason in America for absenteeism for businesses and organizations as a whole. With a fully certified weight loss program in your operation, your cost savings are visible across the ledger with lowered absenteeism, longer employee retention, and a slower increase in rising insurance rates.
  • Supplying your employees with continuous and onsite healthcare, it enables you to cut out the insurance claims for basic prescriptions and “everyday needs” including antibiotics, flu shots, allergic care, diabetes care and much more. Your employees walk out of their onsite clinic having seen a healthcare provider with the filled prescription in their hands. The ease of access to pharmaceuticals will increase prescription utilization which will lower healthcare costs due to a decrease in catastrophic events.
  • By providing family practice experienced and qualified medical professional at the KeyPointe Medical Onsite clinic, your employees will experience the same feel and quality of care as you would at a primary physician office and urgent care. Medical professionals can work to monitor chronic diseases, ensure that prescriptions are refilled when the time comes and develop wellness initiative that are specific to the needs of your organization.

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