Patient Benefits

Keypointe Medical Onsite clinic patients receive the personal care and attention in the onsite clinic as received in a physicians’ office minus the wait, inconvenience of taking time off of work, driving to the office, waiting for your appointment, filling out additional paperwork, and complicated insurance forms needing updating upon every visit.

With an employee based clinic, you will enjoy the convenience of having a walk-in appointment, receiving personalized attention with more time with the Physician, Physician’s Assistant PA, Medical Assistant MA, or Nurse Practitioner NP than you receive during a traditional visit

The onsite clinic also offers the patients a way to pick-up prescriptions already pre-ordered based on the timeframe of refilling the prescription. Depending on the contract with the employer, many of these prescriptions will be offered at a cheaper discount or even for free. Quick access to the prescription, refill monitoring by the medical professionals and discounted rates will increase prescription utilization which will in return decrease healthcare costs.