The Structure of KeyPointe Medical Onsite Healthcare Clinics

The purpose of developing a personalized onsite healthcare clinic is to provide a permanent brick and mortar structure that all employees (and dependents) have quick and easy access to. The onsite healthcare clinic is designed to contain two to three exam rooms, provider office, storage room for both medical, office and pharmaceutical supplies, public restroom, secretary station and a small waiting room only containing a couple of chairs.

It is ideal for this onsite healthcare clinic to be located within the building of the organization or a neutral site for quick access. If the clinic is located in the actual building of the organization it should, if possible, only be accessible from an outside door as to provide privacy for all those patients entering and leaving the clinic.

Employees at the onsite healthcare clinic work to maintain an efficient schedule that eliminates any wait time. Physicals are scheduled as such:

  • New Physical (45-60 minutes depending on the need)
  • Return Physical (30 minutes)
  • Drug Pick-Up (5 minutes)

With proper allotted times for physical examinations, wait times are eliminated unless there is a sudden need for a walk-in appointment which are allowed and promoted when necessary.

Upon entering the onsite healthcare clinic with a scheduled appointment, the front staff will check in the patient, obtain all medical documents and history if needed and escort the patient to the exam room where basic vital signs are taken. Once finished with the initial assessment, the clinic staff will alert the provider that the patient is ready and the examination shall commence. If any follow-up or prescriptions are needed, the front staff will schedule all follow-up appointment whether at the onsite healthcare clinic or outside specialists.

The convenience of the location of the onsite healthcare clinic and the efficiency in which the clinic operates provides an ideal healthcare alternative for all employees and dependents. The onsite healthcare clinic is designed to adapt to the particular needs of the organization and can therefore always remain a health and wellness resource for all patients.